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Food And Nutrition

We have been accredited in 2015 for Hillingdon Healthy Early Years Program. 

This is a new program for settings which will enable us to assess our setting against quality standard to see if our nursery can achieve the scheme which is developed by Public Health England and Hillingdon Early Years Service.

At Pre School Academy we are dedicated in providing healthy, tasty and wholesome meals which are cooked on our premises daily. Good nutrition is important to a child’s growth, health and development.

We believe good food creates good health and a good mind. We will aim to provide organic and seasonal menus wherever possible.

Your child will be encouraged to try new foods therefore our menus will rotate on a weekly basis which in turn will provide your child with a varied diet.

At Pre School Academy fruit and vegetables will be given to all children daily. It is vital that all children have an understanding of good health and hygiene, so after lunch time meals the children will be encouraged to brush their teeth.

Please provide us with any information if your child has any food allergies, food intolerances or if they follow a diet for medical or religious reasons.  A care plan will be devised by the nursery to follow in an emergency.

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