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In each room we will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework so every child receives a quality experience that supports their individual learning and development.

At Pre School Academy we are dedicated to the needs of your children and parents/carers. We feel it is important that we have a key person system, to build strong relationships with parents/carers. This will enable them to share information about their child on a daily basis. We also want to ensure parents/carers have an opportunity to contact us at any time necessary.


Little Discoverers (Babies)

Our baby room is designed to provide a safe, comforting and stimulating environment for your child’s first nursery experience. Our purpose is to develop their understanding and awareness of themselves. We will use a wide variety of experiences to encourage senses to build self confidence and physical development.


Little Explorers (From 20 months to 36 months)

At this stage of development children are exploring their environment. We will build on their communication skills, develop their sense of self, social, mental and physical skills. We will also start to teach them self control and how to deal with people.


Little Voyagers (From 20 months to 36 months)

In this age group the children are encouraged to be independent, take risks and make their own choices. Children start to learn attention skills and focus on there fine motor skills in preparation for letter writing. This room helps prepare the children for the 3 - 5yrs room.

Little Inventors (3-5 years)

In this stage children are very energetic. Their physical needs are growing and developing so it is important to encourage exercise time and fine/gross motor skills. Children start to investigate and become more curious about their surroundings making it important to provide a variety of learning opportunities. Imagination/role play is important so children can learn social skills and how to co-operate with other children. Their communication and language is now more complex and are able to use longer sentences in conversation with adults and peers.


Fully Functional Sensory Room

All children benefits from our Hi Tec Sensory room, this can create a calming/relaxing environment for the children. This can help a reserved child become engaged.

Encourages Emotional Health, Hand to Eye Co-Ordination, Develops Solid Language Skills, Supports Children with Additional Needs. ie, Partially Sighted, ADHD, and Behaviour. 

Resources Available:

Bubble machine
Fibre optic shower curtain
Tactile panel 
Laser lights
UV lights and resources.
CD player/music
Wall mirror
Glitter ball etc
Different lighting
Soft play area

Garden Area

We are very lucky  to have three outdoor area and one Sensory/growing garden. This space provides varied learning opportunities to explore and develop in a large space

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