“ My daughter Rebecca has been going to PSA since she turned 1. The staff were fantastic in helping her to settle in, and she soon looked forward to going each morning; eager to leave the house and meet her friends to learn new things and play. Rebecca enjoys every day at PSA and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.  It makes going to work much easier knowing she’s enjoying her day, and I look forward to hearing what she’s been up to that day when I collect her ”.



“ The moment I walked into the nursery I knew this was the one for my daughter, pleasant surroundings, good location, car park and excellent interior. Appropriately challenging children at their advancing milestones. The staff are unsurpassable, always smiling and allowing time for parental concerns. This is the kind of environment a child can be nurtured, whilst learning and playing. I leave my daughter here in the morning knowing she will have a great day and I can go to work at peace. And soon my son will be attending Inshallah ”.



My son Jamie has been going to the PSA since it opened and he was 10months old.  He settled in straight away and has been extremely happy there ever since. The staff there are always so warm and helpful and all the children there seem to adore them – including Jamie.  Jamie has developed really well since starting at PSA and seems to really enjoy himself too.  Mundeep runs a fantastic team there and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of nursery. 



I was exceptionally nervous and anxious about putting my 15 month old daughter in nursery – after being unimpressed by so many that I saw. I came across the Pre-School Academy through a friend’s recommendation and fell in love with the place. Problem is we live in Bushey – the nursery is in Ruislip? Miles away?? Tough (I thought) it’s my daughter & she’s going to get the best! A year later, I still love the place, even more. The staff are friendly, caring, warm and professional. The owners have such a passion and love for children it comes across and filters down in every way.  I am a happy mother knowing my daughter is cared for and loved. Thanks so much to you all for putting my mind at rest. The distance is not an obstacle when you know your child is happy and cared for by the best.


Cheers  Wendy

Dawlish Drive, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 9SF
Tel: 01895 624111
Email: [email protected]