Pre School Academy nursery fees for children 0 – 5 years old

Fees 2021

 Sessions    Monthly     Deposit 
 Fulltime/Week  £328.00  Fulltime/Month   £1392.00   £696.00 
 Per Day  £75.00  4 Days   £1250.00  £625.00 
 Per Week (5     sessions)  £235.00      3 Days   £938.00   £469.00 
 Per Session  £47.00   2 Days   £625.00   £312.50 
 Per hour  £14.00  4 Sessions   £797.00  £398.50 
     5 Sessions  £999.00   £499.50 


    • Registration fee per child £75.00 non refundable
    • We require a two week deposit to secure your child’s place. The deposit is kept as a retainer until your child leaves our nursery, providing one month’s written notice is given.
      N.B The deposit will be retained if your child does not take their place.
    • All fees are paid monthly in advance, by standing order on the 27th of each month.

    • We accept cash and bank transfers.
    • All fees are reviewed annually.
    • Failure to pay your child’s nursery fees is taken seriously and will result in your place being reviewed.

    • Late collection of your child will result in a late fee penalty: a charge of £15.00 for every/part of 15 Minutes. PAID IN CASH ONLY !

    • Late monthly fees are charged at £15.00 per day. 


Sibling Discount

Siblings will receive a 10% discount off their nursery fees. Please note these are only for the same days both children attend. 

Settling In Period

This can be a stressful time for both parents and children so this will be done at a slow and careful pace, according to your child’s needs. Before your child starts, we will invite you to bring him/her into our nursery for approximately 5 – 10 sessions prior to their start date.


N.B There will be no charge for these sessions. Up to 10 sessions are free, any sessions thereafter are charged.


These sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs, requirements and any other concerns you may have with their key practitioner.

Childcare Vouchers

Please check with your employer if they operate a childcare voucher scheme. You can save national insurance and income tax at £55.00 per week. This will be deducted from your salary and its used to provide childcare vouchers.


Please note the amount that is deducted from your gross salary is then exempt from national insurance and income tax.

Government Funding

Your child will be eligible for Government funding from the term after their third birthday. Pre School Academy will apply for this funding on your child’s behalf and will be taken off your monthly fees.

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